Choo-Choo Electric Train

Stylish and classic train shape
A variety of color matching children’s aesthetics
360 degree EVA crash protection
Different kinds of carriages to choose from
Front and rear driving recorders, 21-inch large screen advertising

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Choo-Choo Motor City

Choo-Choo traffic town is an in the indoor experience amusement project.
It integrates life scenes such as role-playing, driving road, crosswalk, traffic lights, gas stations, etc.

The immersive interactive driving experience allows children to learn traffic knowledge in the process of playing, develop good habits of obeying traffic rules from an early age, and enhance quality education.

The role identities: policeman, firefighters, school bus drivers, race, etc.
Interactive scenes: interactive center, photo studio, gas station, etc.

Customer Case Studies

Kids Electric Car

Characterized car outlook, cartoon cute animal car
Spacious and comfortable double seat, front and rear radar collision avoidance
Nice dynamic music, dazzling lights

Customer Case Studies

Why Choose Guangzhou Chaybay

❶Original manufacturers, preferential prices, make your business more economical

❷Attaches great importance to the establishment of brand IP, fashionable and independent design, and obtained a number of patent certificates. Focus on creating exquisite products with distinctive labels

❸Reliable quality. After years of continuous efforts and self-improvement, we have the technical ability of system design, installation and maintenance.

❹Experienced team. Product designers/architects, sales team, who with more than 16 years of experience, will offer you professional trip in terms of product appearance/details, and purchasing experience.


Guangzhou CHAYBAY Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is founded by a number of experienced, outstanding product managers who share the same vision. The company aims in creative amusement products development, focuses on creating exquisite products to cut into the market, and gradually form our own market characteristic label. The CHAYBAY’s vision is to make childhood colorful. We hope our design concept can accompany the new generation of children to grow up happily, to bring them color, science and wisdom inspiration.

professional design
Professional design
Superior quality
Superior quality
high quality after-sales
Professional design

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