Choo-choo Police car


Full surround rotomolded chassis, good anti-collision
LED colorful lights, shinning
Comfortable leather seat for parent and kids
Front radar and back radar to ensure safty

CHAYBAY motor city takes the children’s aesthetic as a starting point, to develop rich and high-quality interactive products: Choo-Choo school bus, Choo-Choo fire truck, Choo-Choo police car, Choo-Choo racing car, Choo-Choo gas station, Choo-Choo police station, traffic light, road etc.

Product parameters

Size: L175*W113*H160(cm)
Material: environmental glass fiber, high quality steel
Weight: about 120 kg
Net Load: 150kg
Passenger: 2
Power consumption: 24V 350W
Battery: 12V 45Ah*4
Duration: 6-8 hours
Max speed: 10Km/h
Turning radius: 2m
Startup Mode: Remote Control, Swipe card, Coin/WeChat (optional)
Charging mode: 220V, 110V optional
Charging time: 10 hours

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