Starship-Mini Jet Ride


Rich sound and light effects, colorful lights and lovely music allow children to enjoy a double audio-visual feast during play.

Realistic appearance design: Based on a space astronaut, the appearance is realistic and the colors are bright, which increases the fun and attractiveness of the game.

CHAYBAY  Starship-Mini Jet Ride  is an exciting self-controlled airplane amusement equipment. Its shape is modeled after a space astronaut. When children sit on the spaceship, they will feel the constant ups and downs, as if they are traveling through space. Between the stars, experience the excitement and fun of space exploration. The spaceship has a realistic shape and bright colors, allowing children to feel the same bravery and adventure as space astronauts during play. Stimulate children’s imagination and spirit of exploration, opening a door to the unknown world for them.

Product parameters

Locomotive Size::2.5*2.5*1.95(m)

Material: environmental fiber glass, high quality steel

Passengers:3 passengers

Power consumption:220v200w


Operating height:<1m

Max speed:<2m/s

Startup Mode: Remote Control, Swipe card, Coin/eChat (optional)

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