We all know that it is very important to maintain the batteries of electric amusement equipment such as children’s electric square cars and shopping mall electric trains. If we improperly store or use them in daily use, it is very easy to cause battery deformation, so how should we prevent it?

First of all, when installing the battery of the square kids battery car, remove the battery packaging. Do not wrap the battery surface with tape or plastic film; the chargers of the battery car or the shopping mall eletric train must use matching parameters. If you want to buy charger accessories, better to buy directly from the original factory, or ask for the matching charger parameters before buying it yourself. No charging in direct sunlight and high temperature environment. It is suggested to stop the amusement equipment in a cool and ventilated environment to charge when they end their operation.

For the batteries of amusement equipment such as children’s square cars and trackless eletric trains, manufacturers should confirm the manufacturing date of the batteries when installing them. If the date is more than two months, the customer should be reminded to use up the battery before charging. The charging time should not exceed 10 hours.

The last thing to pay attention to is to keep a certain distance between the battery trays. The trays can only be placed in a single layer, never stacked; The stacking layers of 20AH battery and above should not exceed 5 layers high, and others should not exceed 7 layers high. Try to avoid the battery being squeezed by external force. The above are the points to note to prevent the deformation of the battery of the electric amusement car, hope it’s useful to you.

Usually, when we store the batteries of electric amusement equipment, we must ensure that the warehouse has ventilation function, the temperature is suitable, dry and waterproof; when the purchased batteries arrive, we should pay attention to check the temperature. If the temperature is too high, the battery wrapping film should be removed to dissipate heat. Pay attention to whether the outer packaging of the battery is wet. If the outer packaging is wet, it should be rejected or replaced with a new packaging box in time.


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