Choo-choo small train


360degree EVA buffer collision

Different carriages are available

Several colors are available

Chaybay small shopping mall train train body and carriage have full range 360degree EVA buffer collision, and equipped with electronic radar collision avoidance to make driving safer and more secure. Single locomotive for children to experience driving, or with intimate two-seater or four-seater carriage to meet different needs. Support color and LOGO OEM.

Product parameters

Locomotive size: L170*W75*H110 (cm)

1+1 size: L320*W75*H110 (cm)

1+3 (4 seats) size: L800*W82*H110 (cm)

1+4 (2 seats) size: L800*W75*H110 (cm)

Material: environmental fiber glass, high quality steel

Weight: about 100KG in head, 45KG in the two-seats carriage, and 60KG in four-seats carriage

Load: 200KG in low power locomotive, 800KG in high power locomotive

Passengers: 1 adult+ 1kid in locomotive, 12 passengers in 1+3 carriage, 8 passengers in 1+4 carriage

Power consumption: low power head 24V 350W, high power head 48V 600W

Battery: low power head 12V 45Ah*2, high power head 12V 45Ah*4

Charging mode: 220V

Charging time: 10 hours

Duration: 8 hours

Max Speed: 10 Km/h

Turning radius: 2.5 M

Startup Mode: Remote Control Startup, Swipe card startup, WeChat payment startup (optional)


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