Choo-choo train

 Android audio and video system

  Screen scene Interaction, Video advertising

  Remote monitoring car recorder

New fashionable design of the train, new feeling, new impression, new definition. Equipped with Android audio and video system. The locomotive screen has scene Interaction and safety monitoring, insertion advertising function, front and rear remote monitoring car recorder. Comfortable and warm ergonomic carriage for children, smoke whistle simulation, sound, light and sound immersion experience.

Product parameters

Locomotive Size: L248*W100*H205 (cm)

Carriage size: L220*W100*H120 (cm)

1+2 size: L850*W100*H205 (cm)

1+3 size: L1150*W100*H205 (cm)

Material: environmental fiber glass, high quality steel

Weight: about 350KG in head and 150KG in the carriage

Power consumption: 60V 1500W

Duration: 9 hours

Passengers: 6 passengers per car, maximum 18 passengers

Battery: Locomotive 12V 70Ah*5, Carriage12V 45Ah*4, Chilwee batteries

Max Speed: 10 Km/h

Turning radius: 3.5 M

Charging mode: 220V

Charging time: 10 hours


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