Once to rainy day we all know to shelter, amusement equipment is the same. In the rainy day, we need to do a good job of protection. What precautions should we pay attention to?

First of all, we need to see if our amusement equipment is electric or non-electric, if it is the former, and it is operating outdoors, then our operators should pay special attention to the protection of electronic amusement equipment in rainy and humid weather. In case of bad weather, it should be timely shut down, turn off the power supply, to avoid electric shock leakage of such accidents.

If it is a small electric equipment, after power off, it should be carried in time to a place where it can be sheltered from the rain, to avoid being washed by the rain, resulting in the motor, battery and other important parts to be soaked; if it is a large amusement equipment, cannot be moved and not convenient to be covered, we can focus on important parts, such as starting device, engine, etc. Do a good rain protection and take care of them.

The non-powered amusement equipment is the same as the electric amusement equipment. Those that can be moved should be moved to a dry place where they cannot get wet. If it is not convenient to carry, you need to clean the water when the rain is over to avoid the equipment being soaked by the rain for a long time. It’s better to do a safety check for any anomalies and other malfunctions before the electric amusement equipment started.


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